Eliminate the Gap Between
Your Software and Your
Customers' Expectations

“RAVEN has helped us streamline our requirements definition process by getting all our business systems analysts on the same page, using the same tools and methodologies across teams. This has proved to greatly speed development, especially for projects that span multiple teams.“

David Riggan, Director, Enterprise Business Architecture,
BMC Software.

“Accurate and rapid requirements definition is essential to delivering quality software. Getting requirements correct in the early stages of the development process is key to reducing time to market, less rework, and greater user satisfaction. Ravenflow is a key partner for us in this space."

Stephen Lauzon, Senior Manager,
IBM Rational Software

Enterprise Access

Give anyone in your organization access to the world’s most powerful solution for great requirements.

Rapid Development

Achieve efficiency for globally dispersed teams through collaborative sharing and repeatable processes.

Man Months to
Man Hours

Specification Creation has never been more efficient, thanks to access to shared repositories and more.

Errors Eliminated

Make everyone’s life easier and more efficient with a shockingly error-free requirements elicitation process.